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China says sanctions against DPRK must be withinrubber bracelet bands framework of UN Security Council rubberbraceletbands

China says sanctions against DPRK must be withinrubber bracelet bands framework of UN Security Council

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    BEIJING - China said Wednesday sanctions against the Democratic People"s Republic of Korea (DPRK) must be within the framework of the UN Security Council.

    Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying"s remarks came after the UN Security Council released a president"s statement, which strongly condemned Monday"s missile launch by the DPRK as well as several launches Friday.

    "The Security Council expresses its grave concern that the DPRK is, by conducting such a launch over Japan as well as its recent actions and public statements, deliberately undermining regional peace and stability and has caused grave security concerns around the world," said the statement.

    Noting the statement reflects the consensus of the international community, Hua said, "China is opposed to any unilateral sanction or long-arm jurisdiction in accordance with one country"s domestic law."

    Hua said China hopes all parties will implement Security Council resolutions earnestly, comprehensively and completely.

    When asked about China"s communication and coordination with Russia on the issue, Hua said China and Russia share the same goal, which was, by and large shared by all other permanent members of the UN Security Council and the whole international community.

    It"s only that some countries may differ on specific approaches to realize the goal at this stage, she said.

    China is willing to continue coordination and cooperation with Russia, to maintain peace and stability in the region and around the world, she added.

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